Carte de visite

by Jefferson Noizet

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A bunch of country, bluegrass, blues, folk with french lyrics. Someway « French Americana » ! Acoustic guitars, steel, dobro, smooth expressive voice for ballads, protest songs. A deep south musical perfume with a french touch. Here is Jefferson Noizet’s world.


released May 1, 2010

Jefferson Noizet : acoustic & electric guitar, dobro, steel guitar, dulcimer, bass, lead vocal
Michel Vergine : acoustic & electric guitar, keyboard
Alain Bel : drums
Greg Lamazères : harmonica
Philippe Beautes : mandolin, backing vocals
Mathieu Vaissière : acoustic guitar
Fred Simon : 5 strings banjo
Paulin Brisset : ukulele
Sandrine Galop : backing vocals
Guy Dargent : cornet
Jean-Jacques Ratier : clarinet
Françis Guéro : trombone
Recorded, mixed by Michel Vergine at Lestudio52, Toulouse (France)
Production & booking : JFVProd :
© Cover photos : Jean-François Vaissière
© Design : Kicycol
Sacem/Sdrm 2010



all rights reserved


Jefferson Noizet Midi-Pyrénées, France

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Track Name: Carte de visite (Business Card)
Well, good morning to you everybody
Well, good morning and thank you for being here
Me, I’m Jefferson Noizet
My bag’s filled up with songs
There’s some folk, blues and even country

I was born one day on the banks of the Garonne
But I know there was a misunderstanding
The stork made a mistake
For she didn’t lodge me
In the land of Robert Johnson

I remember my dad shouting at the end of each month
When the tobacco jar was out of cash
And he always told me, son
Don’t ever go to a boss-man
But go where your footsteps lead you

When people ask me what I’m doing down here
I reply I’m making simple music
I sow seeds of plain words
And sometimes, sometimes I get harvest
© 2010 Sacem
Track Name: Variables d'ajustement (Adjustement Variables)
The other evening, on TV around 8 at night
The newsreader announced
My factory shut down
She got up and moved offshore
Before my mac’ and cheese
Suddenly I’m unemployed

On another channel I click on to
A politician explained
There’s no need to panic
That it’s just economic life-cycle
Must keep faith in the market
For the return of full employment

R : Between labour and employment agencies
We’re pawns in their game
For stock profits
Pawns on the chessboard
All depends on when
It’s the adjustment variables

Six months later in the paper
It wasn’t trivial
Profits soared
Shareholders were enjoyed
And I’m over at the Unemployment Benefits Office
I have less than minimum wage
© 2010 Sacem
Track Name: Madison
It was in June last summer
It'd rained, it was perfect
It was so hot in Madison

The yellow house, the white shutters
The rocking-chair under the awning
It's paradise in Madison

The magnolias smelled so good
Squirrels on the lawn
And thus flowed life
Under the Georgia sky
At Madison

Her blonde hair over the pillow
And her lips tasted of vermilion
Feel the love in Madison
Track Name: Elle m'attend (She awaits me)
Trails on the track and dogs barking
The sled glides over a silk carpet
The snow whipped the fir-tree branches
And I hear wolves howling in the distance

At that time, I know she’s making tea
Burning orange blossom essences
In the middle of the living-room, in the sunset
She dances her fingers on her white piano

R : She awaits me in the wooden house
Two steps away from the river-stream
Where I know my journey will end

Don’t ask me to introduce her to you
I know she doesn’t like revealing our secrets
Or to speak of a hard to find happiness
Which lasts only what it’s meant to last
© 2010 Sacem
Track Name: Ca sent bon le sud (The taste of the south)
At the banks of the river
Where I swam as a child
Hovers my grandpa’s shadow
Crowned with white hairs
It has the taste of the south
The garlic bread of the poor people
It has the taste of the south
And white pebbly roads

At the banks of the river
When the spring comes around
Daffodils, primroses
And blood red tulips
It has the taste of the south
Syringas, white lilacs
It has the taste of the south
And white pebbly roads

In the barn where the hay’s piled up
Are Betty’s radiant breasts
Like two flowers I picked up and embraced
For the first time.
It has the taste of love
And kissing by the river-stream
It has the taste of love
And the sorrows of youth

At the banks of the river
Where I swam as a child
Hovers my grandma’s shadow
Soaking her white linen sheets
It has the taste of the south
The garlic bread of the poor people
It has the taste of the south
And white pebbly roads
© 2010 Sacem
Track Name: Rihiveli
An instrumental written as a tribute to a beautiful atoll in Southern Maldives, named Rihiveli. In Maldivian language, Rihiveli means " silver sands ". I believe it's a grain of paradise wandering about in the Indian Ocean.